Sexual DevelopmentPuberty is a process when a man has an ability to father a child. Hormones are responsible for sexual maturation in man’s body. An active phase of puberty lasts for about 5 years. The hormone gonadoliberin (LHRH) is the most famous in man’s health. It stimulates spermatogenesis (sperm formation process) and the production of specific male hormones which are called androgens.

Step sexual development

Each of these signs is not required to be at a certain age. There are different periods for each stage of male puberty:

  • 10 or 11 years – there is growth of penis and testicles (scrotum);
  • 12 years old – the main beginning of «breaking» voice, but it still stays like a child voice;
  • 13 years old – a considerable increase of penis size and testicles, the first hair appear on the genitals. It’s a good time of building male figure, the shoulders become wider, the growth can increase on 8-10 centimeters;
  • 14 years old – the voice becomes very low;
  • 15 years old – this is the process of scrotum pigmentation, it means that the skin becomes darker. ;
  • 16 or 17 years – the first emission (ejaculation during the sleep), the first masturbation;
  • 18 or 19 years – the period when male penis can increase on 3-5 cm.

What’s an early man’s puberty?

Early puberty appears when a boy is ten years old. The symptoms are the same. The main point is the big growth of reproductive organs as primary characteristics. You need the advice of doctor as the early male puberty may begin with a tumor in boy’s brain.



Man can feel he penile stimulation, this is normal for health. Sometimes it isn’t a sexual way, it means that this process can be by itself.


This is a normal physiological process of involuntary ejaculation. All boys and men face with it, especially during the sleep. The fact is that this aspect of health isn’t been under control.

Sexual activity.

To start sexual activity, don’t forget about doctor’s consult. An age when a teenager can have sex begins since 14 years. The question «When I can have sex?» is the same that «When I can do it?». Don’t forget about main thing: the beginning of sexual activity is significantly effects on man’s mental status.

Hair growth.

There is great hair around genitals and armpits as well as facial hair. All boys must pay attention on hair growth because it can be with different directions, sequences and length. Basically, this growth is fluffier and thicker on mons pubis. If a man begins to shave hair in this place he’ll face with problem of itch. It’s better to start shaving hair on mons pubis after all step sexual development.

Basic rules of personal hygiene

You should know that untidiness always leads to undesirable bacteria. That’s why even a daily toilet or change of underwear is like a necessary item of self-care program during the sexual development. The teenagers are always can feel discomfort and smell unpleasant odour from themselves. Boys may not notice this smell but all around may. Every day boys must take a shower with good soap or scented male gel. Step personal hygiene during the puberty always effects on boy’s development. For example, you need take a bath 2 times a week, and wash the body every morning and evening day. Those who do it well never complain on discomfort and bad state.

The puberty is a very important part of man’s health. By the way, that’s why lots of men look younger than women. In this case, we should understand all boy as not everyone can control himself. Sexual development is a natural phenomenon that happens absolutely with every boy who wants to be a real strong man.